Bible Studies

Acts 21

Sometimes God destines for us to go through tough times too

Acts 20

In his missionary journeys Paul has faced lots of problems

Acts 19

How do you picture the Devil? Is a funny-looking guy in a red suit with horns and a pitchfork? Is he an all powerful force, which you are incapable of resisting? In truth, neither is accurate.

Acts 18


Acts 17

Today we are going to see two groups of people who treat the knowledge of God

Acts 16

Today we find our friends: Paul and Silas, singing their way out of jail. And it

Acts 14

Paul faced long odds and serious injuries: but kept going. We too can take hope from his example as we battle for our King and Lord: Jesus Christ against a very tough and ruthless enemy: Lucifer, the Devil himself.

Acts 13

We see Paul & Barnabus receive a job from God

Acts 12

Peter finds himself alone in prison - but he is not really alone. Sometimes in life we feel like we're boxed in with no where to turn. God comes to us and helps us escape from our prisons too.


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Acts 10

Feelings eventually become views, which held long and firm enough become opinions

Acts 8

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Acts 7

We find Stephen, a powerful witness for Jesus, contending with men of a synagogue made up of freed slaves. When they cannot win against his arguments, they hire others to lie about Stephen to the rulers of the day

Acts 5

What is God calling you to do? Have you faced persecution or rejection or trial in it? Are you discouraged, ready to give up? Learn to see God growing you as much as He is using you.

Acts 4

We are ordinary men, just like Peter and John. Obvious to the elite and powerful, we are nobody. Yet God chooses to use us, if we will but have courage.

Acts 2:42-47

What was the first church like, and how does that speak to us in the 21st century about what church should and shouldn't be.


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Acts 2

Learn the true purpose of the Holy Spirit - we present a balanced, Scriptural perspective on an important part of a believer's life.

Acts 1

What is God's plan for your life? You can get some help from the experience of the Apostles as they waited for further instructions from Jesus after His resurrection.

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