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Luke 23:1-31

How can a person be innocent and yet guilty? That’s the dichotomy we find when dealing with the death sentence put on Jesus. Learn some of the hidden truths about those behind the plot to murder the King of Kings

Luke 23:32-49

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the most important event in human history. Why make such a claim? Find out as we study Luke 23 and discover the 15 things you need to know about the cross.

Luke 23:50-24:12

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ had a profound effect on two men and a group of women. What they experienced emotionally and physically speaks to our own response to this most crucial event.

Luke 24:13-35

Have you experienced difficulty or tragedy that seems to have put your life off track? You might be on your own Emmaus. Pastor Tom Fuller explores how the presence of an ordinary looking man can change your discouragement into delight.

Luke 24:36-53

Luke’s gospel ends as it begins - messengers bringing good news of great joy to all the people. The emotional journey for Jesus’ disciples was tough but worth it.

Luke 1:1-4

We take a look back at the most important lessons from Luke's gospel.

Luke 2:1-20

What would it be like to be one of the shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem on Christmas Eve? What would it feel like to be Joseph, becoming a father to God’s child? In an original story, Pastor Tom Fuller takes us into the minds, hearts, and stables of Bethlehem on that magical night. This story will move you and hopefully inspire you.

Luke 23:32-24:12

What do many of the people surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus have in common? It might surprise you and give you hope when challenges seem to overwhelm you.

Luke 10:25-28

Wrapping up over a thousand teachings through God’s Word, Pastor Tom Fuller gives us the 10 things each Christian should know and practice in order to have a full rich life as a follower of Jesus Christ.


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