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Judges 8-9

Gideon shunned position but kept power, his son Abimelech had position but not power as both were ruled by the flesh and from the flesh reaped corruption. Learn how we can fall prey to that as Christians and how to avoid it.

Judges 10

If you have ever found yourself enticed by sin once then unable to stop once you gave in, then listen to this message as God shows Israel what they need to do in order for God to rescue them. \r\n

Judges 11-12

How does an outcast rebel outlaw end up in the hall of faith and did Jephthah really sacrifice his daughter?\r\n

Judges 13

Samson had everything going for him: supportive, godly parents, a good home environment, and blessing from God. So why did he decide to walk a path of selfishness and what does that say to us?

Judges 14

How close to the world can you get without getting into trouble? Samson finds out and the results are less than pleasant. Learn about how to keep your purpose pure as you live in the world as a Christian.

Judges 15-16

What happened to Samson that brought him back to the Lord and what was his real source of strength. How does that relate to our own strengths in the hands of God?

Judges 17-18

Like a hiker without a map, compass, or landmark - Israel has gone off the trail and into danger. How can that happen to us and how to get back on the trail to God?

Judges 19-21

When you let the natural nature of the human heart take over you don't go from bad to good you go from bad to worse. Yet in the midst of a tragic story we find tremendous hope.

Ruth 1:1-22

Do you go through difficult trials that don\'t seem to have any way out? So did Naomi, but God showed his love and an alternative she hadn\'t thought of, like he does with us.

Ruth 2:1-23

Even when we feel we don\'t deserve it, God shows us loving kindness and opens the fields of his riches for us to enjoy.

Ruth 3:1-4:22

How much risk have you taken in your relationship with God? In the final chapters of Ruth we learn how far and how anxious God is to have a relationship with us and what commitment he makes to us.

John 1:1-13

You might have a lot of questions about who Jesus Christ really is. John helps us understand the voice from the heavens. Are you ready to listen?

John 1:14-34

When the Pharisees approach John the Baptist demanding to know his credentials John never responds with who he is, but who he knows and who he represents. Learn the value of being an agent for Jesus Christ.

John 1:35-51

How do respond to a change in your environment? When Jesus comes on the scene he forces us to think in new ways. Learn how his early disciples dealt with the coming of a big change: the Messiah.

John 2:1-25

We all have expectations of who Jesus is and what He is about. Are yours correct? Jesus

John 3:1-36

A man comes to Jesus with an open heart and mind. The Lord reveals to him some of the most amazing truths found in the Bible. Is it time you had a good, honest, talk with God?

John 4:1-54

Do you ever feel like you have to keep everyone at arms length because you just don\'t trust them? Perhaps you feel like who you are is just not acceptable. Jesus comes to such a person in John 4 and engages them in a patient yet revealing dialog that changes them forever.

John 5:1-47

You may appear as if you have it all together but inside be disabled spiritually. Jesus meets two people and shares with them how to become abled. Which group are you in?

Luke 2:1-7

Was Jesus born in a wooden stable surrounded by wisemen and shepherds? Check out this study for the real facts of the first Christmas and how to help your holiday be more merry.

John 6:1-29

Are you looking for short term fixes to your life or long term solutions? Are you looking for a leader to get you out of a jam or a savior to bring you into peace?


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