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Luke 13:1-5

How many times do you question whether God causes suffering as a judgment? There are really four causes for suffering. Find out how God uses them for good.

Luke 14

Jesus gives us an understanding of what true honor is and how honor born of humbleness is so much better. Also learn how to be a salty Christian.

Luke 14:25-33

Jesus wants us to count the cost before we approach Him as disciples. What is the cost of discipleship and can we actually do it? Also learn about the different forms of discipleship.

Luke 15

Learn the heart of a father as he longs for his lost children to return to him. If you have ever felt like you cannot approach God, this is a study to listen to. \r\n

Luke 15:11-32

Do you have ever wonder whatt causes someone to walk away from God or how it could even happen to you? Learn the stages and how to get with God and even stop the Prodigal in his tracks.

Luke 1-15

In this study we take a wider view of the first 15 chapters of Luke, and see how Jesus mission in chapter 4 works out in His life, and in yours.

Luke 16:1-31

Each of us has to serve somebody. Jesus in Luke 16 gives us some real incentive to make the Lord God our only God.

Luke 16:19-31

In Luke 16 we have one of the most graphic descriptions of Hades. From this we can learn what hell is like, who goes there, and how to avoid it.

Luke 17:1-31

Learn how to live a more effective Christian life by learning what the Lord wants from us and how to have the right attitude as a disciple.

Luke 17:5-10

We as humans struggle with serving anyone but ourselves. Even as Christians we have a hard time having a true servant\\'s heart. Jesus shares some hard words, but they are also comforting and freeing when we realize the joys of being a servant.

Luke 18

What are those things that bring your heart closer to God and what are those that drive you further away? We learn them from studying contrasts in people Jesus tells us about or encounters in this chapter.

Luke 18:31-34

Believe it or not, many people today, especially the Jews, continue to reject Jesus as the Messiah for the same reasons they did in the 1st century. What are the Jews looking for and what prophecies were fulfilled at the coming of Jesus?

Luke 19:1-27

When Jesus comes around your life are you like Zacchaeus who couldn\\'t wait to see and experience Jesus - or are you like the third servant in Jesus\\' parable who wants nothing to do with the family business?

Luke 19:17

We as humans always want to do everything big, but often when it comes to serving God He gives us what we think are small tasks. How do we remain faithful in our service to Him no matter what?

Luke 19:28-48

Jesus exposes real emotions as he comes to Jerusalem for the last time. It tells a lot about his attitude towards the lost, and towards our hearts as well. \r\n

Luke 20:1-27

Jesus\\' opponents try to trip him up, but his answers back reveal much about the human character and how many of us \\"play\\" church.

Luke 20:27-40

You have probably wondered what heaven will be like. In Luke 20 Jesus gives us a small picture of relationships in heaven. In this study we explore what Scripture says about our eternal state.

Luke 21:1-27

Much of our lives are spent worrying about the future and what might happen. Many times we worry more about possibilities than probabilities. Jesus encourages us to pay attention to His work in the world around us and gives us tools to fight fear.

Luke 21:34-36

Jesus gives some pretty horrible news to his disciples but then gives them three things to avoid and two things to do in order to survive and thrive amidst terrible difficulty.

Luke 22:1-30

Though evil plotted heavily against Jesus He remained in total control of every situation. Sometimes do you adopt the ways of the world to accomplish God\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s will?


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