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Luke 10:21-37

Contrary to what you might think, God does not bully Himself into your life. In fact, there is much preparation you need to do in order to have a mind ready to receive the kind of love and character that is God. Want to find out how?

Luke 10:1-20

It?s pretty scary thinking about sharing the gospel. Jesus knows that and gives us an example of the types of people we will encounter and the types of opposition, but also the joys of seeing the power of the gospel in action.

Luke 9:51-62

There are five big reasons why people don?t commit themselves to Jesus Christ. What are they and how can we avoid them? This is at the heart of the biggest section of Luke?s gospel.

Luke 9:37-50

You likely have never looked at these Bible stories in this way before. What are the two main character traits of a human? Jesus reveals the default negative human characteristics and demonstrates how to get rid of them.

Luke 9:28-36

Ever wonder what life in the next age is like? We get a glimpse in this portion of Luke. More importantly, we get a tremendous symbolic and significant hand-off of power you have to get!

Luke 2:1-1:20

The Big Three at Christmas can really kill the holiday spirit: decorating, giving, and entertaining. Pastor Tom gives us some practical and spiritual ways to redeem Christmas for the King Jesus.

Luke 9:18-27

Deciding whether Jesus is the Messiah is the most important decision you will ever make. Don't you think it's worth serious consideration? Here in Luke's gospel we see the clearest depiction of why it matters.

Luke 9:1-17

Have you ever wanted to do something for God? Now?s your chance. Find out what mission He?s sent you on and how to keep your head in the face of opposition.

Luke 8:40-56

Fear. We all face it. Fears we can see and fears we can?t. What to do about fear is key to living a full life. There is one way to conquer fear and the secret is in Luke Chapter 8.

Luke 8:26-39

We don?t all confront demon possessed people on a daily basis (hopefully never) but you have an enemy that is invisible to you that you face each and every day. How do you be successful in this battle that you cannot see? Jesus shows us the way through His battle with the Devil.

Luke 8:16-25

Are you experiencing difficulties in life that seem like a raging storm about to capsize the little boat you call your life? If Jesus Christ is in the boat with you there is a key element He brings that makes it bearable.

Luke 8:1-15

What kind of a mind do you have when it comes to the gospel? It?s more important than you might think. See if you fall into one of the four types of mindsets Jesus gives in his famous story. Your answer could mean everything!

Luke 7:31-50

There are three kinds of people when it comes to Jesus Christ. Those that refuse to engage in thinking about Him, those that are trying to get away from dealing with Him and those that realize their need of Him. Which are you?

Luke 7:11-30

Ever find yourself dazed and confused when it comes to Jesus Christ? Have so many told you so much that it seems you know nothing at all? You?re in luck because some folks found themselves in very similar situations and there are some clear answers, free from all the muck thrown around today. Check it out.

Luke 7:1-10

There's an old saying: "Don't judge a book by its cover." We're often guilty of that when it comes to judging people by what group they belong to, their political beliefs, how they look and the people they hang out with. Jesus encounters a man who would have been hated by most Jews except for his softness of heart towards Yahweh. It gives us valuable lessons in how to love the unlovable.

Luke 6:37-49

You've heard the saying: "Judge not, lest ye be judged". So what does that mean, really? You might be surprised and delighted - and challenged.

Luke 6:17-36

Christians have an opportunity afforded to no one else. When you find out about it at first you might think this isn?t something very positive. But when you realize what?s at stake in the lives of others you understand that it?s totally worth it.

Luke 6:1-17

There are many things that are legal in our culture that are not in God?s. Even in Jesus? day there many activities the religious leaders found to be illegal that Jesus says are actually vital and required to have God?s character.

Luke 5:27-39

Are you sick and don?t even know it? This time as we study Luke?s gospel we see two groups of people: one who realized they needed a healer and something more in life and another who was also sick but didn?t realize it. Knowing your illness is step one in finding a cure.

Luke 5:1-26

As Jesus demonstrates his power over creation and His holiness - it brings about a sense of awe and fear in humans that encounter Him. Jesus reveals the thread of forgiveness that is more powerful than sin, disease, and our lack. The question is, how far will you go to trust Him with your all?


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