Bible Studies

Psalm 112:12-114:8

God is good and powerful that, even though we fought Him tooth and nail, He still saved us, cleansed us and now transforms us into His character. That wonderful work is something to behold, and the riches we receive are incredible.

Psalm 109:1-111:10

We all have a big decision to make - whether to trust in Yahweh through His Son Jesus or not. The decision is important - vitally important. So what are the consequences? And what about true evil and those who are innocent victims. What happens to them?

Psalm 107:1-43

We know that \"God is Love.\" But there is another very important characteristic of God that sometimes gets overlooked. God is also good. And not just good sometimes, but always to everyone - even if it doesn\'t seem like it.

Psalm 104:1-106:48

How often do you blow it when trying to obey God? Instead of pulling into yourself in shame, or denying the sin itself, why not embrace the sin (your unfaithfulness) and God\'s faithfulness to you?

Psalm 101:1-103:22

When we think about ourselves and our mistakes, we often think that God either doesn\'t love us, or that we disappoint Him regularly. The problem is our compass is broken. Our compass points north and south so we remember our failings. God\'s points east and west.

Psalm 96:1-100:5

God is dangerous to human beings. Approach God and die. And yet the Psalms tell us to come near. How can we do that? There is only one way, but it\'s the best way!

Psalm 92:1-95:11

We see people getting victimized, we see people rejecting God, we see people acting in very ungodly like ways. What should we do about it? As we study these psalms we get a picture of who God is, who we are, and we get a perspective to help.

Psalm 89:1-91:16

Sometimes we falsely believe that because we belong to God we can do no wrong and God must bless everything we do. What we must realize is that as we move in concert with how God wants us to move that things will line up for His glory. We may still go through difficulty, but God knows how to bring us safely through every skirmish.

Psalm 85:1-88:18

You\'ve heard the old saying about the light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes life is so difficult that there simply seems to be no light at all - no answer, no relief. What do you do in times like that? As we look at these psalms we find some great comfort, not here, but somewhere else and from Someone else.

Psalm 81:1-84:12

Why worship the Lord? What benefits are there? What happens if we don\'t? Today we look at some psalms that greatly encourage our worship and closeness to God. It\'s a feeling like no other to come into God\'s presence in worship.

Psalm 78:1-80:19

One of the hardest things for us to do is once we have a relationship with God to keep that relationship going and to remain faithful. Israel faced this same problem over and over and in the psalms we look at today, we find some ways to help us stay loyal.

Psalm 74:1-77:20

Do you ever feel like you have done everything you know how to do, even cried out to God for answers, yet He feels far away or even unwilling to help? Believe it or not, Asaph felt the same way, and his answer can really bring a sense of help and purpose to your trials.

Psalm 71:1-73:28

When we grow older, lack power politically - yet see those that do not love prospering. It can play with our minds. We wonder if we really made the right choice to follow Jesus. The Psalmist gives us great words of wisdom when this happens.

Psalm 69:1-70:5

Choosing to be a follower of Jesus carries some consequences. One of which is that people don\'t understand your love for God and will ostracize and even marginalize you. This happened to David as well, and he has some wonderful advice for us when we face persecution.

Psalm 67:1-68:35

What do you need to be successful in this life? You need two things, the presence and provision of God. In Psalms 67 and 68 we get an idea of how to access both of those and what plans God has for our lives.

Psalm 65:1-66:20

Our age and our culture teach us that we can never be satisfied, but must continually strive towards satisfaction by the things we amass. The Psalms have a different approach. In them we learn the truth path to happiness and satisfaction.

Psalm 63:1-64:10

Do you ever feel physically or emotionally alone? David knew very well how that felt. Fortunately for us, he wrote down both his feelings and his vision of what to do in these very difficult times.

Psalm 59:1-62:12

Sometimes trouble just overwhelms you. You feel vulnerable, weak, unstable. If you ever feel this way, you are in good company. David felt that way too. He poured his heart out to God and depended on the Lord in a way that will help you in times of trouble.

Psalm 56:1-58:11

From the real life lessons of David on the run, we discover ways to cope with danger, difficulty, and the demands of living a life of faith in a godless world.

Psalm 53:1-55:23

Betrayal is one of the hardest things we have to deal with, especially if it is a friend or brother or sister. David experienced much betrayal in his life and in these Psalms we learn how to effectively deal with friends who become enemies.


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