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Matthew 23:1-39

When it comes down to it, do you let God in on the inside of you - or do you hold Him at arms length? Take a lesson from the religious establishment of Jesus' day - let God into the ugly inner parts of your life, and let the Great Plumber heal you.

Matthew 22:23-45

Many times we seek to understand and manipulate God by our human ideas. We need to get rid of our preconceptions about what God is doing in our lives and let Him direct how we think and pray.

Matthew 21:1-22

God is throwing a huge party and you're invited. The only way you get in is by special invitation and by putting on wedding clothes. At the same time the world demands your loyalty and is having a party of it's own - so which party do you want to go to?

Matthew 21:18-46

What happens when Jesus inspects your life? He cursed the fig tree because it didn't bear fruit - why? And how do we bear fruit for our Savior?

Matthew 21:1-14

Which Jesus do you want to meet

Matthew 20:1-34

How do you figure your self worth

Matthew 19:13-8

The question many ask, but few find the answer to

Matthew 19:1-12

Jesus gives us insight into the heart of God, revealing how to save relationships that are faltering and how to avoid the trap of divorce. Learn how God truly envisioned marriage and learn about keeping commitments. Also learn how to avoid legalism

Matthew 18:15-25

We all live with the consequences of conflict

Matthew 18:1-14

Many times winning at all costs is the mantra that we live by. But Jesus challenges us to become like a child - what does that mean, really, and how does it help God rescue us?


Learn how to lift up praise to God continually, even in the toughest of circumstances.

Matthew 17:1-27

All of us know we need to have faith - but many of us have faith in the wrong thing. In this study Jesus reveals who He really is, and challenges us to trust in Him, not trust in faith.

Matthew 16:13-28

There are two vital things that Jesus wants to know - are you ready for the test? And are you willing to take just one step to become closer to God?

Matthew 15:21-16:12

How do you approach God - tenaciously or tentatively? It can make a big different in how your prayers get answered.

Matthew 15:1-20

Which would you rather be - a Christian who puts on Christ's character like a costume, or an instrument playing beautiful music in God's hands?

Matthew 14:22-36

The storms of life distract us from focusing on God

Matthew 14:1-21

Two kings, two feasts

Matthew 13:44-58

Getting to know God can be like going on a treasure hunt

Matthew 13:24-43

How to discover make-believers in the church, and make-believing attitudes in ourselves.

Matthew 13:1-23

The soil of our lives is often like a garden soil


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