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"Just got a text from Linda. She asked that I put Elisabeth on the prayer chain. Rose is fine, but Elisabeth has been in labor contractions 3 minutes apart since last night. Nothing has changed. They are thinking about sending her home and checking her I think she meant in 10 hours. Maybe send he ..."  PCREADMORE

PCPOSTEDBY Lindy Wilson, 04-24-2017 - 04:25:02 PM

  Wisdom / Healing/media/system/images/ /media/system/images/ /media/system/images/  
"My grandson, Bradly (almost 18) had a grand mal seizure on the 19th while at work.  Through surveilance tape they can see that it lasted 90 seconds, with at least 3 passing out events after the seizure.  The Newberg hospital said he had fainted from dehydration/exhaustion; but a subsequent vis ..."  PCREADMORE

PCPOSTEDBY Linda culton, 03-28-2017 - 01:27:14 PM

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Please pray for my Niece Joy. The Doctors have discovered a Brain tumor. It just under the skull. It is giving her real bad head aches. They are going to do tests to see if it is malignant or nor. Thank you. God bless  :-) Lindy 

PCPOSTEDBY Lindy Wilson, 03-27-2017 - 11:42:31 PM

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"Got a text from Roger's sister. She is benign. She has a real bad breast infection. It is called Mammary Duct Ettasia. She still has to still follow up with the breast surgeon. for right now she is taking an antibiotic, Tylenol, and us ice packs. More importantly she is Praising God.  Thank yo ..."  PCREADMORE

PCPOSTEDBY Lindy Wilson, 03-16-2017 - 08:42:31 PM

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"This is an update on Roger's sister. She has breast cancer. She goes to the hospital on Monday for biopsy to see how aggressive the cancer is. Then on to the surgeon on the 24th. She is a believer, but lives alone, and is already dealing with a lot of personal struggles. Please pray God's peac ..."  PCREADMORE

PCPOSTEDBY Lindy Wilson, 03-12-2017 - 01:53:22 AM

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Please Pray for Rogers Sister (Teresa). Her doctor wants her to go in to get a bunch of tests tomorrow. Checking for maybe breast cancer. She does believe.  So please pray The Lord's hand will be on her and give her the strength to face what ever comes her way. Thank you lindy

PCPOSTEDBY Lindy Wilson, 03-09-2017 - 08:16:37 PM

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"Please be praying for Eddie. She went in for lab work yesterday and while there fell and broke her nose and had to have stitches and they think she fractured her right arm. She is home. When I talked to her this morning she said she wasn't doing so well and was near tears. I am going to be sett ..."  PCREADMORE

PCPOSTEDBY Lindy Wilson, 02-17-2017 - 05:57:28 PM

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"I have received a prayer request for my sisters good friend. Her name is Coleen. She has had a number of surgeries having lymphoids out and the doctor has said there is more cancer in her body but, don't know where it is. She would like prayer for the doctors for wisdom and be able to find wher ..."  PCREADMORE

PCPOSTEDBY Lindy Wilson, 02-16-2017 - 04:00:03 AM

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